Since the ancient time women have been playing multiple roles for which they have been respected. They have and have been playing various characters in real life. Gone are those days when they were just limited to four walls as a house wife. They are now equal partners sharing the financial burden with their spouse. Besides this they efficiently raise their kids, manage the homes, excel in their careers and handle other responsibilities. To the immense power and flexible nature, women have excelled in every field at par with men in the male dominant society. Take a look at blogs and websites like and more that highlight the women’s caliber and capability as entrepreneurs and home makers. Let us check out the involvement/contribution of women in other fields. The moment we think of casinos and gambling, images of men flashes in our mind. But did you know that 1 out of 4 women gamblers visit casinos at least once a week?

Several studies reveal that women gamblers are more attracted to slot machines while men tend to occupy the tables. The general psychology behind gambling is that men gamble more and like to select skill games such as roulette and blackjack.While men require casino games to suffice their need for thrill, women approach gambling differently. Women visit casinos for entertainment and look at it as a platform to connect and interact with people. Also more than high stakes or thrill, women often go for games of luck such as bingo, slots, and lottery. These games require less attention to detail and hence suit the need of a ‘pastime’ for women.

However, this gender gap is vanishing due to the advent of online casinos. As online casinos enable the players to mask their identity, women gamblers are able to resist the intimidation that they have in facing experienced dealers and professional players. Online casino data even shows a 50-50 gender split for certain online slots.

There is a definite difference in the kind of games played by women in casinos compared to men. But this difference is slowly dwindling with more women being attracted to the thrill of table games. Log into to know more about the players and their interests.