Today I’m at (in)courage, where I’ve posted my annual 20 Questions for a New Year’s Eve Reflection.  Comments are closed here, so I hope you’ll participate over there!  Here’s a snippet from the post:

I’m in favor on new year’s resolutions – but why not also use the turn of the clock to reflect on this past year? Before deciding on how you want 2010 to be different than 09, take a moment with your journal and answer some – or all – of these questions.
These questions can be a catalyst for digging deeper into personal reflection, or they can be icebreakers between you and your spouse for a New Year’s Eve conversation. However you want to use them – use them to your benefit.

Looking for the PDF download?

If you’d like to print out 20 Reflection Questions for 2009 to use at a family gathering or intimate party, or to jot down your personal answers with a pencil, head to Simple Mom’s download page and get your free copy.  Enjoy!  Head here tomorrow to download a free worksheet to help you generate good personal and family goals for 2010.

And have a fun, safe New Year’s Eve.