As you start this week, may you experience rest and contentment in finding yourself exactly where you are, both literally and figuratively.  There is a time for being a mover and a shaker, a person who makes it happen.  But there is also a time for being still, in the moment, listening, waiting, and resting.

Don’t be tempted to let yourself get caught up in the rush of the season.  Where I live in Central Texas, schools are letting out for the summer this week and next.  There’s a sense of barely-restrained ecstasy in the air, almost frantic with anticipation for the end of the early morning wake-ups, the morning rush out the door to the bus stop or the car pool line, the evenings spent doing homework.

But before we get there, don’t forget to be present in the present, and receive the gifts that are here for you today.  Stop.  Listen.  Observe.  Inhale.  Taste.  Touch.

Pay attention to your senses today and let them guide you to the beauty that is all around, right in front of your eyes, just waiting to bring you delight.

The sweet whispers in your ear from your children when you’re putting them to bed at night.  I know, it’s so easy to rush through the bedtime routine so you can collapse on the couch with Netflix and a glass of wine (or is it just me?).  This week, try not to rush, but to be present.

The meals shared with family and friends around the table.  I know, it can be hard to linger over a meal together, to sit and savor, when everyone must hurry off to practices and rehearsals and lessons, household members scattering to the four corners.  This week, find at least one night when you can stay put, slow down, and enjoy.  Be present.

The changing seasons – spring, in all its fullness, giving way to the newborn fruits of summer.  It’s so easy to speed along in our hustle and bustle and never notice the beauty of creation, living and breathing all around us.  Last week, my husband sent me a message that simply said, “The crepe myrtles are blooming!”  The next time I went out, I noticed.  Beautiful.  This week, find time to take a walk or go the park.  Be present.

And for those readers in the United States observing Memorial Day today, or Americans living abroad, may we also stop and remember our many freedoms and those who gave their lives to earn those freedoms for us.  We can honor their sacrifice by living in this manner, being present to the moments of joy and beauty and life all around us – this is a life worth living.  May you find those moments to be abundant and rich this week, and be blessed.