As you start this week, may you heed the advice I was given back in college during finals week, and has stuck with me ever since: “When you don’t know what to do, do the thing in front of you.”

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you’ve got a full week—especially on a Monday as you’re just revving up for the potential crazy. There are bills to pay, floors to clean, meetings with bosses, appointments with pediatricians, errands to run, and mouths to feed (including your own). You need decent sleep, you’d like time with your spouse, it wouldn’t hurt to squeeze in some exercise—and yet you still keep stepping on the LEGO the kids left out again.

Life can get crazy, and really? A bit ridiculous.

But instead of looking at the whole—look at the pieces. Take things one at a time. Today, don’t focus on Friday. You’ll get there soon enough. Right now, simply focus on what’s next. Focus on the thing in front of you. Do that task, and when you’re done, do the next. One at a time.

When you’re overwhelmed, take a deep breath, maybe rub your temples or stretch your neck, and enjoy a few seconds to yourself. Quiet your thoughts. And then? Roll up your sleeves, and just focus on the moment.

Just do one thing at a time. It’ll all work out.