Judging from the comments on Stephanie”s recent post about Natural Living Fatigue, I think it”s safe to say that she wasn”t alone in feeling overwhelmed with it all at times. I can definitely relate. For me, I really have to remember that we all go through seasons where we can invest more or less of our energy and resources into a crunchier lifestyle.

But… that doesn”t mean I don”t dream about the future. Sometimes I just want to step back from reality and from the striving and just imagine what I might enjoy someday. Here are a few of things I would love to do with my family…

More gardening, or while I”m dreaming, small-scale farming!

Raise chickens

Use solar power

Remodel a fixer-upper with repurposed materials

Learn to do more canning, preserving and freezer Suomalaiset   casinot TalletusbonuksetLuotettavat kasinotVerkkopankkitalletuksetNet Ent -pelivalmistajaVerovapaat nettikasinotMicroGaming -pelivalmistajaKaikki saitin artikkelit© 2014 Online Casinot. cooking

Repurpose more clothes, and do more thrifting (haven”t quite figured out how to do that with three littles in tow)

And of course, read all the books on these topics and more!

While many of these could actually come to fruition in the next few years (when I have a few more spare moments), some of them are much more far-fetched (definitely dreams, rather than goals).

But hey, it”s fun to dream, right?

Photo by emmylouhelmeuth

I have an inkling that dreaming big when it comes to going green just might be one more way to avoid getting burned out. We can”t do everything we”d like to right now, but we can enjoy the baby steps that do suit our individual families and life circumstances, while dreaming of the things we”d love to do someday.

What are you dreaming about for a greener/more natural lifestyle? What resource do you feel like you lack most to turn your dreams into realities– money, time, energy, space, or something else? Does dreaming big make you just feel discouraged or does it help you enjoy where you”re at while looking ahead?

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