Today I’m over at Simple Homeschool, where I’m sharing why I love my daughter’s current preschool curriculum, Five in a Row.  It’s a literature-based style of learning, where we explore the world from all different angles using the same book five days in a row.  From my post:

“I never liked math in school because I never really understood the point.  While FIAR doesn’t teach core math skills (you would need to supplement that, if it’s needed), it reveals the application of traditional subjects to real life.
So when we read Madeline

, we spent a day talking about counting by twos and symmetry.  In How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World

, my daughter was introduced to the concept of fractions and their use in cooking.

For science, we discussed why a lemon would make the townspeople’s lips pucker in Lentil

.  We explored the ocean world in Night of the Moonjellies


And don’t get me started on geography and history — in one school year, we traveled to Paris, China, Italy, New England, small town America, Japan, and myriad time periods.”

Head over there today and join me in the discussion!