It’s that time again… the last Friday of the month means our linky where you can showcase some of the fun things that you’ve taken from your pinboards to reality!

I don’t know about you but I found some great pins this past month. Here’s a few of things I was inspired to actually make and do.

Recipes I Tried

  • Hot Wing Dip :: I made this for our Super Bowl party and it was spicy and creamy and yummy. I pleasantly surprised when I bought the Frank’s hot sauce to find that it was made with simple, real ingredients. I also used my homemade ranch which made this dip a success in my book, and not really junk food at all.
  • Whole Wheat Banana Oatmeal Bread :: This was a treat for my book club. It was delicious, just like my friend Jess said it would be! It’s made with a lot less sugar than my usual banana bread.
  • Orange PushUp Smoothie :: I made a variation of this that turned out delicious. I used some honey instead of the goboons of sugar that the recipe called for. Ours wasn’t as sweet as the original but I like tart, and after all, we drink smoothies as a healthy afternoon snack, not a dessert. 😉
  • Maple Roasted Sweet Potatoes & Parsnips :: Simply amazing. I ended up just throwing mine in the pan because the kids were impatient, but it still tasted great despite not being as pretty as Shaina’s. I’ll definitely be making this again, since I’m always wondering what to do with parsnips when they come in my CSA box.
  • Chicken & Swiss Chard Pasta Bake :: This was our dinner last night and it was great. I used chicken sausage and a mix of chard and spinach. I love that the recipe is so flexible.

Craftiness, Etc.

You already saw my valentine’s craft that I made with my daughter. That was a super fun and easy project. I also tried this simple, cute hairstyle on Gigi. It looked adorable… until she put a bike helmet on and messed it up. 😉

Repurposed Framed Earring Holder

My exciting project for the month was actually made by my handy hubby. I love it when a pin inspires something related, yet different.

I found this pin, which is a wire memo board, and it inspired me to create a new solution for my earrings. We had some small gauge chicken wire on hand because recently put some under our compost bin to keep rats out.

So I had my hubby trim me some and fit it in inside an ikea fram that I salvaged. It fell off the wall and the glass shattered but the frame itself was still in tact.

I simply glued some scrapbook paper to the frame backing and David fit the chicken wire into the frame. I love how it turned out.

Now it’s your turn! I can’t wait to see what you’ve been up to with your pins. And by all means, share any other parsnip recipes you have in the comments.

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