Lately, I’ve been working on my upcoming online course, Designed for Wellness. I’ll share more about the course at the end of this post, but I wanted to talk a bit about how lasting change happens in our lives, and one of the biggest mistakes we all make when we try to make healthy changes.

The ways we experience our days and how we feel in our bodies are the fruits of our health.

Some seasons in life we feel energized; other times we feel depleted and drained.  Some days we’re overwhelmed; other times we are transcendent. We may feel heaviness in our body, or lightness and strength.  We may combat stress daily or know a reserve of calm.

The fruits of our health manifest in how we experience life.

To produce better fruit, focus on the roots

When we are facing chronic times of bad or uncomfortable fruit, we tend to reach for “fruit fixes”– surface, quick fixes in attempt to bring some kind of relief to the situation.

But what is needed for any sustainable, real change in our health and well being is a root cure.

Let me give  some examples.


If you are battling exhaustion, a “fruit fix” is to reach for caffeine to give you the jolt of energy you need just to make it through the day.  But that kind of fix never solves the problem — in fact, that keeps you spiraling deeper and deeper in poor health.

If you focus on the root cure for exhaustion in your life, you’ll seek out true ways to nourish, restore and replenish your body so you can tap into deep reserves and meet the demands of your day head on.  For example, you may choose to eat foods that rebuild your body, energize your mind and promote restorative sleep.

Mood swings

If you experience mood swings, a common “fruit fix” is to reach for sugar in order to elevate your down moods.  This kind of fix establishes a deep craving/addiction cycle and never truly regains mental health.

The root cure will focus on caring for your mental health by bringing in nourishment and wellness practices that lift your moods, all while supporting hormonal balance and health.

Photo by Brian

Being overwhelmed

If you are going through your days feeling overwhelmed and frazzled, a common “fruit fix” is to simply shut down from taking good care of yourself. It may seem counter intuitive but when women feel tapped out, we tend to go on auto pilot, caring for everyone else’s needs and not taking care of their own.

A root cure for being overwhelmed is to shift your focus and gain the skills and strategies you need to handle life from a well and grounded place. It’s the paradox of expending energy in order to gain energy– it all depends on whether what you’re doing will produce real results or is a surface, band aid treatment.

Take a quick assessment: Do you currently use a “fruit fix” for something that requires a root cure?

If you’re ready to focus on the root cures for gaining more health, vitality and energy in your life, I invite you to learn more about the Designed for Wellness course.
This course is for moms who have their plates full, but want to feel the freshness of true  energy again.

It’s for moms who are ready to put themselves  back on their list of priorities, while not being expected to check out  of their lives and responsibilities in order to make those shifts.

For moms who want more than to lose a few pounds only to gain them  back — who want a sustainable, true way to nourish their body back to  their ideal weight — and an ideal feeling.

It’s for moms  who want the clarity of an uncluttered mind, the ease of balanced moods,  and a deeper sense of knowing themselves and how to best care for their  bodies.

When I became a mom, I needed to find ways to regain my health that fit into my busy lifestyle.  So I designed this course specifically to provide concrete and practical tools that fit into a busy mom’s   lifestyle, just as it is. It’s an uncomplicated process   that allows you to bring in major change at your own pace and in ways   that fit you best.

You can learn more details about Designed for Wellness here.  The course begins September 18, 2010 and registration is now open.

What are some of your current “fruit fixes”?