This month, we’re expanding the idea of “gorgeous” to include all those little things that create a gorgeous, eco-friendly Mother’s Day for moms everywhere.  Now that I’m a mother myself, I realize how important it is to set aside a day to celebrate and honor our mamas.  Actually, let’s not stop with a day – how about a week?

It really is true that motherhood is the hardest job in the world (and the most rewarding!).  But that’s no reason for our Mother’s Day celebrations to be hard on the Earth.  Here are a few ideas for keeping Mother’s Day green this year.

Give Living Plants or Locally Grown Flowers

The cut flower industry is both toxic to its workers and damaging to the environment.  Consider giving a live plant in a pot, instead of cut flowers.  If you want to give cut flowers, consider a bouquet from the local farmers’ market or a neighbor’s yard (ask first!).  You can purchase organic flowers, but these are often flown in from faraway lands, so go here to enter your zip code and find a local organic flower grower near you.

Photo by Jennifer Dickert

Green Gift Ideas for Mom

Sprout Watches

Would your mama like a hip new eco-friendly watch?  Sprout Watches are made of corn resin, organic cotton, and bamboo.  They are lead-free, and have mercury-free batteries and recyclable packaging.  I’m not a watch girl, but if I were, this watch would be tops on my list.

Natural Soy or Beeswax Candles

Candles are always a favorite gift, but traditional paraffin candles produce soot while they burn – not to mention the petroleum base.  There are now many mainstream brands offering greener alternatives: soy and beeswax candles are clean-burning and don’t use petroleum products.  Look for unscented candles and then throw in a bottle of essential oil to your gift basket – a few drops added to the top of the candle as it burns will produce a lovely, non-toxic scent.  If you can find a local artisan who produces natural candles, even better.

Photo by psyberartist

Mother’s Day Basket from Graham Gardens

Graham Gardens is my new favorite source for natural, non-toxic lotions, lip balms, and skin care.  They have a great Mother’s Day gift basket that includes two butter bars, a skin salve, and three lip balms.  Of course, by the time you order it won’t arrive for the big day itself, but you could include a little note with a (recycled paper) card letting your mom know what she has to look forward to.

Organic Fair Trade Coffee, Tea, and Chocolate

If your mother’s not a coffee drinker, chances are she’s a tea lover – and really, what woman doesn’t love chocolate?  Gourmet coffees, teas, and chocolates make wonderful gifts for moms of any age, and there are now more brands and flavors than ever before.  Look for the Fair Trade Certified logo and organic certification.

Wrap It Up With a Scarf

Skip the disposable wrapping paper and wrap up your gifts with a beautiful scarf that Mama can enjoy again and again.  You can help save some trees, AND help your mother look like the fashionable, chic, and eco-savvy woman that she really is.  I first saw this at the EcoDiva. Wrapping a gift with a scarf is an Asian custom that is gaining popularity in the West.

Photo by BOBO Wrap

From the Young Ones

Kiwi Mag has a great tutorial on how to make a bouquet of flowers from old newspaper, and here is a great list of Mother’s Day craft gift ideas for kids and parents.

Don’t Forget Breakfast!

Aimée at Simple Bites has a great post entitled How to Have Peace, Serenity, AND Breakfast in Bed on Mother’s Day.  Be sure to check it out – and forward it to Dad, too!

How do you plan to honor and celebrate your mom on Sunday?