The following post is written by guest contributor Marla Meridith of Family Fresh Cooking.

When we think of Halloween, we automatically think of sweet treats that get handed out and gobbled up while giggling with friends. There is so much fun to be had and calories to be eaten, but Halloween starts earlier and earlier each year. I started seeing stuff in the stores in early September.

Fall is my favorite time of year and the flavors of the season tempt me to no end. That said, there is no reason to dive into the packaged, overly refined treats when we can make our own organic seasonal favorites at home.


When we start munching traditional Halloween goodies too early, they can give us way too many unnecessary calories. At Family Fresh Cooking, my goal is to keep the majority of our foods very low glycemic, with little to no refined sugars. I have had so much fun creating new recipes that combine traditional flavors but are quite a bit healthier than the usual selections.

Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice

Over here we love our pumpkin, sweet potato, cinnamon and spices throughout the year. Finally, the season is upon us to really embrace all of those farmers’ market finds. Fields are bursting with all kinds of squash, pumpkins and sweet potatoes. With all my recipe development, I always encourage my readers to purchase organic ingredients when available. With a mindful eye toward sustainability, we not only serve our bodies with higher quality nutrition, but we help our planet as well.

Recipes to Share

Here are a few Fall/Halloween recipes I have come up with. Again, please remember to sub in your favorite organic ingredients when available. I try not to stress out my readers with the details of “must.” Just try to get the highest quality organic ingredients when they are available and affordable.

Chocolate Pumpkin Halloween Pancakes

The kids and I were looking for fun breakfast pancakes one day and we came up with this idea. Not only are they super quick to make and fun to look at, they taste wonderful. I referenced this blog called Jim’s Pancakes to learn the skills to make the shapes. This is a very simple technique and adds fun and creativity to your day. Find the recipe here.

Pumpkin Chocolate Oat Muffins

These mini muffins are the perfect handheld snack, and they go great  in lunchboxes too!  Find the recipe here.

No-Bake Chocolate Tarts with Oat Cereal Crust

These tarts were created for a contest using a popular and legendary  oat breakfast cereal that is on the market. I urge you to try these  treats. Simply adapt and use your favorite organic O’s cereal. They are such a yummy dessert and very simple to prepare. The “crust” is filled  with flavor and you don’t even have to pop it in the oven. No time to  bake? Here is your answer.  Find the recipe here.

Sweet Potato Chocolate Chip Cookies

Last year my then-two-year-old son and I visited the Rocky Mountains just  as the last few fall leaves were clinging to the trees. I will never  forget that time spent alone with my little guy and these cookies I  made for him. He gobbled them up with a chilled glass of milk and a big  grin on his face.  Find the recipe here.

Happy Halloween!

Do you have any fun Halloween recipes to share?  Link up below in the comments so we can all try them out!

All photos and food  styling by Marla Meridith.  All recipes are original creations by Marla.