As you start this new week, may you find a sliver of inspiration in an unexpected place—your preschooler’s scribble on the back of your grocery list, the first daffodil in your backyard, a harebrained story retold by your child as you chop the onions, a lovely shade of nail polish on sale.

May you remember to stop and really listen to those little bits of inspiration gifted to you. During the carpool line and the Costco shopping, may you tune in your ears and eyes just so, so that you stop and remark on the loveliness of that yellow bell pepper. May you find that song on the radio that makes you want to crank up the volume, sing along, and maybe roll down the windows.

And when things are hard this week—and there will be hard times this week—may you remember the good parts of your day, too, so that you resist labeling the whole day “horrible.” And if your day truly is a train wreck, may you find solid sleep, so that you can wake up again, ready to roll up your sleeves and start over.

Every new day is a gift. Remember that this week.