Today I’m over at ProBlogger, and I’m talking about my favorite co-worker here with Simple Living Media.  Just who is he?  From the post:

Believe it or not, only 72% of the Simple Mom readership is female. Yes, that’s the majority, but it means over a quarter of our readers are male. I’d be amiss to write solely to females, and leave a sizable chunk of my readership by the wayside. The blog is much more about the ins and outs of intentional living than it is about wearing the mama hat.
He helps me think of post ideas I wouldn’t have considered—not only because he’s a guy, but also because he’s a parent, too. I’m blessed to work in a blog niche that’s directly related to my everyday life as a parent. But sometimes, I’m so entrenched in the thick of it that I don’t see clearly. He provides an additional perspective.”

Yeah, you can probably guess who it is.  Head over there and see what else I say, and don’t forget to leave a comment.