Written by editor Nicole Bennett of Gidget Goes Home.

I thought it was time to show you all the Simple Homemade Headquarters here at my new home. This is my third office-in-a-closet, and I just love my happy little space.

So come on, step into my closet, I mean, my office. 😉

We have two utility closets upstairs (one for linens, and one for coats, where we also keep our vacuum) so repurposing our downstairs coat closet as an office worked perfectly.

Honestly, if I didn’t have this, my kitchen table and counter would constantly be stacked up with a laptop, camera, various cords, papers to be shredded, etc, and my office supplies would be who knows where!

A few more notes…

In my last two homes, we just kept the vacuum in the garage and the coats in our respective closets; this office is the first one bursting with color though, and what a difference that makes!

I found my cute desk on Craigslist and love using an old chair, the last remaining relic from a set that belonged to my parents. I love how the curvature on the legs on the table and chair coordinates. I might repaint them both one of these days.

Next to my desk sits our hand-me-down shredder that usually gets overheated and shuts off before we finish the job, hence the stack on top (still working on going more paperless).

I’m not crazy about the folding door because it blocks my view into the living area, but for now we’re sticking with it because my husband likes to hide the clutter, and it does help to keep the kids out of my stuff.

We just bought the lumber to add one more shelf below the existing one, so I can better organize more of my office supplies and maybe even some craft supplies– my Cricut, and some scrapbooking tools for example.

It’s amazing what having my own little writing nook does for my creativity… now if only I had more time to write!! Someday…

Do you have an office or creative writing space? Mine is still a work in progress– what am I missing to complete my space?