Christmas is tomorrow. Did you get everything checked off your holiday to-do list? And in the midst of it all, are you actually enjoying the season?

No need to panic. I haven’t done it all, either. And I have fleeting thoughts that wish the holiday would hurry up already so we can go back to normal life.

But I’ve decided to just let it go and enjoy Christmas how it is now, for what it is. I didn’t decorate all like I wanted. We didn’t make fudge as I hoped. There were evenings when we were out late, so we doubled up on our Jesse Tree devotionals.

It’s okay. Christmas is not about perfection.

Think back to your childhood holidays. Do you remember all the things you didn’t do? Are you still grieving over that one Christmas when you were 8, and you didn’t get to make four types of cookies while drinking hot cocoa near a fire with the perfect holiday music playing in the background?

I didn’t think so. Your kids won’t care, either.

Embrace imperfection.

Enjoy the blessings of cooler weather, the nearness of family, the handmade crafts plastered to the fridge, ornaments on the bottom third of the tree arranged in the most bizarre way possible, and the squeals of excitement about the upcoming day.

Christmas isn’t about perfection. It’s celebrating the One who saved us from our impossible need to be perfect.