May is all about relationships and community service with Simple Living Media.  The past few weeks, we’ve discussed (sometimes pretty fervently) what it means to be a good neighbor, whether it’s important to know our surrounding neighbors, and at what level do we allow our children to play freely in our living environments.

These are all important factors in helping us thrive wherever we live, be it a high-rise in an urban metropolis or a wide-open farm with horses as the nearest neighbors.

Regardless where or how we live, we all live in community, to some extent.  And communities need its people to make the place what it is, and what it should be. A few weeks ago, contributor Megan Tietz gave us some fabulous ideas for encouraging a tighter-knit community — spearheaded by us.

Be the agent of change you want

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So often, we wish our communities were different, safer, or friendlier, but we rarely do our part to change that.  We wish, and move on.  Here is today’s discussion question:

What are you going to do this summer to change one thing about your neighborhood?  Think of the main thing you wish were different about where you live, and think of one small way you (or your family) can help change that.

Make a concrete plan for something to happen (“organize a block party for July 4,” for example, or “invite the new family down the street over for dinner next week”), and then share it in the comments section!

Be as detailed or as rambling as you want — perhaps others will give you ideas.  Let’s take these grievances we have about our communities and make them agents of change, instead of just hoping someone would do something.

I look forward to reading your ideas!