I‘m on (in)courage today, where I’m talking about my summer plans — taking a break. Can’t wait. From the post:

I’ve learned, first-hand, the results from working too hard and not taking regular time for rest. When we lived overseas, we were “on call” 24-7, because when you live cross-culturally, your radar is up and your learning curve is on overdrive all. the. time. It’s exhausting, but we never realized just how much until we left the country, took a break from the language and cultural differences, and took a few deep breaths.

Those in ministry are often required to take sabbaticals — an extended period of leave to rest and to possibly acquire new skills. My family is all about this — we provide guest houses for those in full-time ministry to take breaks. We’ve been in ministry, and we know all too well what happens when you don’t take a break. We’re passionate, in fact, about how important rest is. You’ll burn out. And what good is a burned-out servant?”

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