Our summer days are filled with swimming at the neighborhood pool, kayaking on the lake, riding bikes, camping, and late nights of neighborhood flashlight tag. We’re light on housekeeping and work and heavy on play.

Our summers are epic. And by the end of August, I’m the good kind of exhausted from living well.

When evenings become crisp and night falls quickly, I join the rhythm of fall. Waking up while it’s still dark, pulling on slippers and boiling water for the first of many hot cups of coffee.

My kids go off to school and I work long hours to make up for my lack during the warm months. I weave in trips to the classroom, household chores, and after-school activities.

I go into a hibernation of sorts, right along with the garden outside my window. We plan fewer activities away from the house and enjoy the warmth and coziness inside.

I work hard through the holidays and get caught back up on my exercise routine. Social events and travel fall to the wayside.

Once winter hits, I hang pictures on walls and organize my pantry. We play in the snow and then look forward to warmer days.

When the days last longer and we see signs of spring, I plan my garden and finish up indoor projects because I know once summer starts, much will be pushed to the wayside to enjoy what only summer brings.

By allowing myself to embrace the rhythm of the current season, I’ve found that my expectations of each day and the months ahead are more likely to be met.

As a person that likes to accomplish much, it has allowed me to be okay with the seasons where I exercise, work, organize, play or travel less than I would like.

Most importantly, all these needs don’t need to be met now. There will be a season ahead to fulfill them.