Written by editor Nicole Bennett of Gidget Goes Home.

Whew. I’ve had a long, full, fun weekend of celebrating non-stop. Since Valentine’s Day and then through the weekend celebrating my own birthday, there has been tons going on.

I took a few days off blogging while I celebrated and enjoyed getting my new computer set up (!!), and now today I thought I’d give you a little update on what I’ve been up to and check-in on my own creative goals.

Holiday creating

For Valentine’s Day we had a lovely breakfast-for-dinner potluck with our community group (which is a small group of friends set up through our church that meets weekly). I had such a fun time decorating to celebrate love and friendship.

The really fun thing in making my decorations was finally busting out my Cricut Mini and taking the time to learn how to use it. I stood in awe, watching it cut out my cute shapes and even had to drag David over to check out how neat it is.

I can already tell that the Cricut is going to be a super fun addition to my craft arsenal.


I’ve definitely made some progress in getting organized. One more shelf is going in my office to hold my paper craft supplies, and I’ve finally got my sewing supplies off the bedroom floor. Fabric is stored on closet shelves and in a tub at the foot of my bed. Now I just need a thread organizer to free up some of my shelf space.


I “met” my sewing buddy (Hi, Kristen!) and I’m excited to get started on my first project. Did anyone else sign up for the Sewing Buddies project at the Whipstich blog? My sewing-specific to-do list is still awaiting some attention but I’m keep it in my sights for when inspiration strikes.

Ice cream creating (and eating!)

My ice cream maker bowls have been getting some good action lately. I’ve made some interesting flavors — horchata, chocolate beet (recipes forthcoming), and vanilla frozen kefir with cinnamon honey swirl (from one of my favorite resources, Just Making Ice Cream). My collection of resources is still in the works for those of you who are interested.

More creativity with food

And finally, I’ve been collating ideas and psyching myself up for a big, bold change coming in a few short weeks for my family as we embark on the GAPS diet. It’s mostly for my five-year old daughter but the rest of us will all partake in some form or another.

What have you been up to lately? How are your creative goals coming along?