Wherever you are in your day as you read this, remember to be all there, in the presence of this week, these days, this hour right now. May you remember to not see your children, your daily work, or whatever you’re called to cultivate, as interruptions to your day. May you remember that they are your day.

When life is a bit mundane, or even a bit — shall we say, character-building — resist the temptation to think things would be better if it were just next week, next year, when the kids are older, when you’re in a different city, when you graduate, when you’ve painted that room, once you’ve gotten into shape, when you’ve crossed that thing off your bucket list.

As things flow your way, find the courage to listen to that still small voice and learn from what life gives you. Right here, right now. Let the simple liturgies of your day teach you things. And may you be all there as you learn them.

Remember, the grass isn’t greener on the other side. It’s greener where you water it.