Miss Britt is a Simple Mom Lifestyle Makeover waiting to happen, as she juggles parenting, marriage, writing and a day job, with an extreme case of Never Enough Hours In The Day. But her closet is absolutely fabulous.  You can find her writing at Miss Britt, and as editor of the Blissful Style channel at Blissfully Domestic.

Remember before you had kids and you spent money beefing up your closet?

Looking good now is just as important as it was before you became a parent.  Taking the time to take care of you can give you the added boost you need to take care of everyone else.

Of course, now that you have multiple wardrobes to stock, you need to be a little wiser about your purchases and make everything in your closet count.  Classic pieces that can provide versatility, longevity and the most bang for your buck are essential for every mother.

10 Pieces Every Mom Needs In Her Wardrobe

1. The Perfect Pair Of Jeans – the size and shape may vary depending on your size and shape, but there are a few rules every woman needs to keep in mind when buying jeans.  Look for a dark wash denim – the darker the better with no bleaching on the hips and thighs.  Most importantly, find at least one pair of jeans that you absolutely fall in love with. (Tsh’s note: Reader Heather left a comment on this post about Zafu, and it looks great!  It’s a site that helps you find the right jeans, pants, and bra for your shape.  Thanks, Heather.)

2. The Perfect White Button Down Shirt – this can be short, 3/4 or long sleeve.  Look for a wrinkle-free variety if possible, like Banana Republic‘s Classic Oxford Dress Shirt.

3. A Tailored Blazer – this may be the top of a 3 piece suit or a piece you purchased on its own.  A jacket that fits well in the ribs and waist added to jeans and a top will “grow up” and flesh out your look instantly.

4. A Stylish Cardigan – layers say you made the extra effort, even if it only took you 3 seconds to throw a cardigan over a tank top.  It also makes your tank tops and t-shirts more versatile for the changing seasons.

5. A Supportive Cami – or as I like to call it, a tank top with a shelf bra built in.  I own about 50 tank tops, almost all of which contain their own built in bra.  This does not mean that I can wear them without a bra (thank you two breastfed babies), but a well made camisole is a vital part of the layering technique.

6. A Pair of Comfortable AND Stylish Flats – and your bejeweled flip flops don’t count.  Every woman needs a pair of shoes that she can walk in for hours while still looking pulled together.  My current favorite is a pair of patent pleather loafers in a deep brownish red color that I picked up for $20 at Target.

7. A Pair of Killer Who-Cares-How-Comfortable-They-Are Heels – you will leave your house without children.  Be prepared with a great pair of shoes that reminds you how sexy you still are.


8. Not A Gym Shirt T-Shirt – even the most high maintenance fashionista has a jeans and t-shirt days.  As a mother, you have lots of them.  A fitted t-shirt will keep you from succumbing to the gym rat look that screams “I just don’t care anymore!”

9. Bracelets – accessories, like layers, are a final touch that shows extra effort.  Bracelets are my favorite accessory in part because of how economical they are – and because they are least likely to be yanked apart by a grabby toddler (or curious preschooler).

10. Supportive Undergarments – good underwear can solve a plethora of body image issues.  Eliminate muffin top, conceal a flabby butt, and bring your breasts to pre-pregnancy heights.  Added bonus: regularly wearing bras and panties with proper support can slow down the effects of nature’s gravitational pull.

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