I‘m finally nearing the end of my pregnancy with twins, and I have to be honest, one of the things I’m looking forward to most in the months to come is finally being able to shed these maternity clothes!

Oh, I realize that we’ve come a long way in maternity fashion in the past few decades, but I still find it hard to find maternity clothes that look like something I would wear in my non-pregnant life. When Arianne asked if I might be interested in trying out the scarlet waterfall wrap from Me2Roo, I answered YES with enthusiasm!

First of all, who doesn’t love stripes? And second of all, who doesn’t appreciate a piece that can take you from the first few weeks of pregnancy all the way to the first weeks home with your new baby?

I have worn this waterfall wrap so much throughout this pregnancy, I’m sure my neighbors wonder if I have anything else happening in my closet. (Truthfully? Not much!) I’ll share some of the ways I’ve worn it in the past few months in a moment, but first a little about Me2Roo:

Me2Roo launched in late 2010 by Maggie Zembruski whose belief that a “happy, healthy mommy = happy, healthy baby” is channeled through her clothing line to inspire women to exercise and feel positive about themselves along with the changes their bodies experience pre and post pregnancy.

One of the most frustrating aspects of maternity wear for me is the drab and dreary color choices and the way the fit leaves a lot to be desired in the “modern” department. Me2Roo builds a collection of bright, interesting colors based on their color theory chart, and the collection overall has a very on-trend, contemporary feel to it.

Again, I was thrilled to receive the scarlet waterfall wrap in a black/oatmeal stripe because I knew it would be so versatile to style. Here are some ways I have worn it:

Wrap + jeans + bright colored tank:

Here I am at twenty-one weeks pregnant wearing the waterfall wrap casually over a bright colored tank. This is way I’ve worn it most throughout this pregnancy. The stripes offer a lovely visual distraction, but the cut of the wrap allows you to still be able to show of that growing bump! The cotton knit is not flimsy like a lot maternity clothes are; instead, it’s the perfect weight for the transitional seasons.

Wrap + dress:

With a waterfall wrap, you can leave the material long and flowing, or you can tie it up like this for a cleaner line and silhouette. Here, I paired the wrap with a simple black maternity tank dress. At twenty-three weeks pregnant, I wasn’t quite up for any nights on the town, but you could absolutely style this wrap in a way that adds a little drama and dressiness to even the most simple of outfits.

Wrap + tank + skirt + belt:

And here I am this week! Thirty-one weeks pregnant with twins and feeling more and more like I could pop any day now.

It is in the last days of pregnancy when many women struggle to find anything that covers their belly, let alone makes them feel good about themselves. Again, wearing this striped wrap has helped me feel so much less schlumpy and so much more like my normal self!

For this last outfit, I returned to a nice and bright colored tank under the wrap, and then I grabbed a fabric belt off of one of my vintage dresses to add on top. Something as simple as that little belt adds some definition that almost all of my clothing is lacking these days.

One last note on this outfit: I am confident that I’ll continue to wear the wrap after our babies are here because I can see how it would make nursing in public easier. I can simply pull up or pull down my tank top, and the waterfall wrap will provide plenty of coverage around my back and middle while I breastfeed a baby (or two!). Further evidence that the team at Me2Roo truly has both practicality and wear-ability in mind as they design!

Now that I’ve raved about the scarlet waterfall wrap, perhaps you’re thinking you might like one, too?

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