The buzz about green smoothies is everywhere these days.  And it is absolutely true; they are nutritional powerhouses. But if you’re a busy mom, it needs to be quick, easy, and tasty to the whole family to make it really work for you.

This video will showcase my six best tips for making green smoothies — not only smooth and convenient, but great-tasting, too.

I also wanted to share with you a free, three-part class series I’ve released that shares some of my best and most powerful strategies to help busy moms have calmer, more productive, more upbeat days — every day.

Here’s what you learn:

  • The truth behind what is really causing your days to feel scattered, overwhelmed and stressful.
  • The simple, straightforward way to have smooth, productive days, regardless what is on your to-do list or what kind of schedule you need to keep.
  • The five crucial elements that must be present in order to accomplish what is most important, and to do it with balanced, calm, uplifted moods.

You can gain instant access to this video class for free — all you need to do is register here.  See you in class!

I hope you enjoyed the video. I’d love to hear what your favorite green smoothie recipe is in the comments!