As you start this week, remember that you can be a world changer. Isn’t this a favorite quote of ours—be the change you wish to see in the world? We even tell our kids this sometimes, that they can change the world.

Well, you can too. It’s just a matter of remembering what it means to be a change, and sometimes in which world you’ve been placed to influence. Most of us won’t be Nelson Mandela or Marie Curie, but to some people in your life, you might as well be. Your kids. Your new neighbor. The homeless man you drive by every morning. That one person in your life that could use a word of encouragement. You know the one.

In the midst of your week’s everydayness, don’t forget to change the world around you, even if it’s in the smallest of ways. Be brave and call up that person who seems like could use a new friend, and ask her for a coffee date. Give a hearty sack lunch to the gentleman living on the street, and perhaps even chat with him a few minutes to hear his story. Change that millionth diaper today with a heart that wants to serve, because that bottom is on a fellow world changer, and your cleaning it matters (even though it never feels like it).  It might not be curing cancer, but it matters just as much.

When you offer a new mama the chance to nap while you watch her newborn for a few hours, you’re changing the world.

When you offer a love note in the lunchbox to your little one who’s nervous about his first day of school, you’re changing the world.

When you start a nonprofit for orphans, you’re changing the world—but you’re also changing it when you read a book to a little one who just might one day found an orphanage.

When you fold laundry and make dinner and then wake up to do it all over again, you’re changing the world.

Be brave and try big things, but don’t forget about the little everyday things, too. If you wish to see change in the world, there’s nowhere nobler to start that in your local domain and within your four walls.