As you start this week, may you be brave and learn more about yourself and how you’re made. When you feel a still, small stirring inside you, don’t ignore it—take note of why it’s there, and let it lead you down a journey of a bit more self-discovery.

And sometime during this week, when you’re in a situation that asks you to be different than how you’re made, may you find the courage to ignore the pressure to fit in. Be at peace with how uniquely different you are—because we all are different in our own ways.

In fact, be more than at peace with how you’re made—be happy about it; take joy in it. This week, learn a bit about how you can be more you.

Today is my birthday, and tomorrow I’m going to share a few things I’ve learned during my 36th year. In the meantime, I’d love it if you celebrated with me a bit by bypassing a fancy coffee drink and giving $5 to this blog’s Child Survival Program in Ethiopia instead.


You can sign up via Pure Charity and start building your giving account through your online purchases, or you can simply give $5 directly. Head here, and click on “Back This Fundraiser.” (And if you want to be really bold, you can give $5 per month or more, too.)

(And if you’re curious, we created a new giving account for our CSP—those of you who’ve given in the past, it has gone to Compassion International, even though the numbers aren’t reflected on the new Pure Charity page. In fact, we’ve collectively given over $8,000! Thanks, friends.)