As you start this new week, may you learn to let go of imperfections. When your child invites a neighbor to come over, or shows up with a car full of teens, be mindful of the gifts that surround you as they come into the house or out into the yard or the pool.

Learn to not look around at the things that are wrong – your house a wreck, your agenda messed with, your to-do list not complete, the food you may need to provide.

Instead, embrace the beauty of summer. Sprinklers, popsicles, chips and popcorn. Pool time, hot sunny days, and floating schedules. People, babies, toddlers, tweens and teens.

My daughter reminded me, Mom, you love to have people over. I quickly changed my bad attitude, as it had caught me off guard when they all showed up.  I said, Baby, it’s not about perfection, it’s about being given notice.

But do I really need notice? Spontaneous can be good.

The years go by quickly, they are fleeting and fast, and before you know it, you’ll have a pool that never gets used, or a patio that gets dusty, and deep inside you’ll long for the years when you were needed and people wanted to be in your home.

Learn to embrace summer, the carefree days, a floating agenda, the freedom and beauty of children.

Share what’s on hand, and set aside your angst for their joy.

Summertime is a great time to remember that there are some things that are way more important than waiting for the perfect moment.