As you start this week, and if your kids are now officially done with school for the season, may you remember what it’s like to relax. Soon enough, there will be time to rev up that Summer Bucket List a la Pinterest, but for the next week or two? Just… be. Be with those kids you love. Slow things down a bit. Sleep a bit more. Let them stay up a bit later. Eat some ice cream sandwiches.

And if you’ve still got a few more weeks of school, like my family, may you gather every ounce of energy you can muster to finish strong. May you resist the urge to let your kids skip their homework or stay up and infuse sugar in their veins. May you find the wherewithal to be an example of finishing well what was started.

But also? Go with the flow and admit that it is, in fact, almost summer, and that it’s okay to be oh-so-ready for it. Make the most of your readiness and prop up your feet a bit. Start a novel. Maybe let your kids stay up 30 minutes later. Play a peppy playlist and pretend it’s warm out.

Because “summer” will come soon enough, no matter what season it actually is in your neck of the woods. There is a time for every season.