I recently posted about my very first capsule wardrobe. I had been intrigued by the idea and wanted to give it a try. I was feeling pretty good about it until a few commenters mentioned that I still had way too many clothes. Hmm. Was I doing it wrong? Is there some kind of minimalist scale I’m missing?

I started to get nervous. Then I thought about what my goals were in simplifying my wardrobe and how the capsule is working for me. And I realized that for right now, it’s perfect for me…on my journey…on my scale.

Am I happier when I walk into my closet? Can I pick out an outfit in under a minute? Do I feel good in the clothes I wear? Yes, yes, and yes.

Capsule Wardrobe | InspiredRD.com

I’m calling it a success. And I’m realizing that living a simple life is a journey, one that will probably take me my entire life to not quite master. I’ll never be perfect. I’ll never stand in a Pinterest-worthy minimalist home and say, “Ta-da! I’ve done it!” And that’s ok.

Life happens. Ruts happen. I go through seasons of pile-everything-into-a-closet-and-shut-the-door. In fact, I am currently sitting in my office with a closet that is screaming for attention. And yet I sit here and write. See? Not perfect.

But I know I’m on the right path because my relationship with “stuff” has changed. I’m more mindful of my purchases. I’m learning to live with less. (Hence, the capsule wardrobe.) I’m learning to value quality over quantity.

I’m getting there…but at my own pace and in my own way. Because minimalism is not a competition. And when we strive for someone else’s definition of perfection, we will certainly fail. So I’m giving myself grace for the journey.

Make sure to give yourself some too.