It’s that most blessed of holidays, when tonight our kids will adorably dress up like their dreams, neighbors come out in mutual camaraderie, and we all crash from a massive sugar high and feel like death warmed over the next morning.

Kyle and I often greet each other with a, “Happy Candy Season Eve!” on October 30, because starting today, and pretty much through Easter, it’s hard to avoid the amassing of candy at All The Holiday Events.

I’m fine with candy when the celebratory event warrants it. I don’t, however, love dealing with the onslaught of sugar for days/weeks/months on end.

We’ve done a variety of tricks to handle the candy: everything from limiting their collection to whatever can fit in a quart-sized mason jar, to letting them eat as much as they want the night of October 31, then keep only 10 pieces to eat later.

We haven’t settled on a one, true We Do This situation. So, I asked you guys.

halloween candy

Here are some responses from both the AoS writers and from those of you on Twitter.

Nina Nelson: “I ask the kids to take out a ‘parent tax,’ which they decide on (they’re usually pretty generous. Then we eat it for a few days and when I’m tired of how much candy we’re all eating, I have my husband take the rest to the ambulance station the next time he’s on duty.”

Alysa Bajenaru: “The kids pick out a small jar’s worth of their favorite candy. The rest we take to a dentist who pays cash per pound and sends the candy to troops overseas.”

Nicole Bennett: “Our kids pick five, we eat our favorites, and David takes the rest to work or we serve it to our community group.”

Kat Lee: We mostly eat it (although we don’t get a ton.) My kids have a stock exchange-like event each night – bartering with each other and paying parent taxes to us.”

trick or treat

In the comments below, add your $.02 about what you do with all the Halloween candy. And what are you or your kids going dressed as? (I’ve got a ninja, Luke Skywalker, and Stitch the cute alien, and I’ll be donning my boring mom, super low-key witch hat.)

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