Written by editor Nicole Bennett of Gidget Goes Home.

Since I’ve still got a plethora of unused frames around the house, I recently found another way to use one. I gave it a color makeover and then gave it a new purpose in life– to organize our huge collection of hair clips!

Between me and my two daughters, we have plenty, and since we moved they’ve been crammed into a plastic jar– not very pretty, and not very easily-to-access either.

With a few simple steps (no sewing involved) I made the transformation and gave us a gallery organizer for all our hair lovelies.

First, I spray-painted an old frame. Fun and easy.

Next, I gathered all my supplies– frame, fabric, ribbon, and painter’s tape (not pictured).

I ironed the folds out of my fabric (What, you don’t do your ironing on your bed?!), although in retrospect, we have so many clips, you can barely see the fabric, let alone the wrinkles/folds, in the finished project! Nonetheless, it seemed like a good starting place.

I wrapped the fabric around the glass and gave it a few pieces of tape to hold it in place tightly. You could also do this around a piece of cardboard. Set the fabric-wrapped glass into the frame. Check the front to make sure you pulled your fabric straight and tight.

Cut your ribbon strips, giving yourself some extra yardage . Lay the strips out and set your frame on top. Adjust your ribbons as necessary so that they are spaced out where you like them.

Wrap the ribbons around and secure them with a bit of tape. make sure to leave enough room for the frame backing to press them down. I held them with my finger to leave some leeway for them to be pressed down.

Insert your frame backing and secure it so that the ribbons are held in place. Hopefully your frame is held secure enough to keep it all snug. The frame I used worked perfectly because it had two of those little sliding lock pieces on each side of the frame.

I chose fabric that matches a really cute quilted wall hanging we have in our bathroom that my mom made. I love how cute and simple the organizer came out, and already my girls are wearing their bows more now that they are so much more accessible.

I’m sure there are so many ways to repurpose or upcycle a picture frame into something fun and new; do you have any other ideas?