As you start this week—and as you start this Advent season—remember to breathe. Remember, as you unbox all your decor and start penciling in the squares of your calendar, that “more” of the holiday season isn’t always better.

Like a finely-curated art collection, sometimes less is more for Christmas. During the holidays, this might look like being content with the decor you already have by not wandering the store aisles right now. It might look like committing to only one or two evening activities per week, for everyone’s sanity. And it might look like saying no to something, even though it’s assumed you’d say yes.

Think back to your childhood Christmas memories. You can probably conjure a specific flashback or two to a particular event, but overall, your holiday memories are mostly about how they make you feel. You remember how you felt during Christmas, not necessarily that you got some particular gift or that your parents managed to take you to every Christmasy event in town.

It’s the same now, both for you and your family. If overcommitting this month means a grumpier you, then it’s not worth it. A mug of your favorite tea by the tree might do more to lift your spirits than any holiday-themed party or craft project.

I’m all about Christmas. But I know myself, and I know I enjoy the season much more when I keep things simple.

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