Elephants are very large so they need a lot of sun to heat them up, so they usually are in southern Asia and Africa. A month ago I went to an elephant camp called Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

The founder of the place was a lady named Lek. Lek in Thai means “small.” My family got to feed the elephants, touch them, learn about them and bathe them! Elephants are so much fun. The baby elephants were adorable.

There are a lot of elephant facts. Here are a couple that I think you might like:

1. An elephant’s skin is two inches thick, so predators can’t hurt them easily.

2. They bathe themselves with mud and water. (Parents I know what you are thinking, you wish your young ones would bathe themselves as well—without the mud, of course.)

3. The African elephant can be identified: stretched out, its ears are shaped like the continent they live in, Africa. Asian elephants are very important in the religious and cultural history of the religion in which they live. In Thailand, they are a traditional symbol of royal power.

A couple of ways can we help elephants are: do not support elephant poachers, never buy ivory, and donate to well-treating elephant parks. Ivory selling is banned in most places, but not all. So if you see any ivory, don’t buy it no matter how attractive it is, just tell yourself, “Don’t you dare buy that” and walk away.

If you would like to support the Elephant Nature Park website, head here. Well, bye for now or, in elephant language, brrrrr!!