I am floating on top of the salty water. Fish circling under me minding their own business. The coral is swaying in the current of the ocean. Clams snapping at curious fish. Bubbles rise from scuba divers. I am snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef, Queensland Australia.

There is a lot to do in this northern state of Australia, and here are a few of my favorite activities.


This marsupial is a very friendly, cuddly and fluffy popular tourist attraction to Australia. Koalas mostly eat and sleep (I once saw one that looked like it was going to fall out of the tree).

These gray, lovable creatures’ favorite food is eucalyptus leaves, so you will most likely see one in a eucalyptus tree. It may be difficult finding one with their gray camouflage fur. The camouflage protects them from predators.

Indigenous Aboriginal People

The Aboriginal tribes are very intelligent folks. We have learned so much from them. For example: what berries to eat and what not to eat. Some trees are very dangerous, like the stinging tree or a blinding tree whose name I forget (maybe it’s a brainwashing tree). 🙂

Never eat the cassowary plum. If you see a cassowary eat one, don’t copy it for the cassowary plum is poisonous to humans but not to a cassowary.

Hands down, the laughing Kookaburra is the loudest and most annoying bird I have ever heard. I wish the rain forests had wild cherries because they would be my survival fruit. All sorts of animals live in rain forests from beetles and flies to cassowaries and kangaroos.

Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is a VERY popular tourist attraction, famous for its beautiful coral and fish. The colors are just the most beautiful colors I have ever seen in my life!

A deep blue and jade green, the sand was the purest white, and the jade and turquoise rested itself on the top of the salty, bitter water. It was paradise! The Great Barrier Reef is wonderful for kids! Look for Nemo!

Well, that’s enough for now, folks. My mom will write about Queensland from a grownups’ perspective so you will hear from her too! Bye for now!

A big thanks to Tourism Queensland for generously sponsoring part of our time there!