I’m currently still on sabbatical (not working at all this month), but like I did a few weeks ago, I thought I’d share a bit of what I’m currently enjoying right now.

I know the summer season is a mixed bag for us — I’m in the Pacific Northwest right now, which means I love this season, but back home in Texas, and by this time I’m usually hankering for fall weather (still four months away).

Regardless, it’s good to remember in the here-and-now what’s making life lovely. Here’s a shorter version of my current summer good list:

  • Wildflowers
  • Gilmore Girls binges with my teen daughter after her brothers have gone to bed
  • Light cardigan weather in the mornings and evenings
  • Walking by an outdoor concert, getting to enjoy spontaneous live music
  • Iced coffee
  • Finding that book I’ve been after tucked away in the used bookstore
  • Grilled meat and veggies, a simple and perfect summer dinner al fresco
  • Flavored sparkling water
  • Easy morning and evening yoga
  • When it’s finally my turn for the library book, and I’d forgotten I put it on hold
  • Summer desserts: ice cream, strawberry cake, popsicles
  • Gardens with pockets of lavender
  • The din of neighborhood kids playing outside at dusk
  • The last few minutes of reading in bed before my eyelids can no longer stay open
  • Watching Chuck reruns with Kyle
  • Our dog, Ginny, curled up next to me and snoring without a care in the world

Your turn: what’s on your summer good list at the moment?