As you start this week, may you resolve to slow down enough to enjoy the process of learning. Children, especially very young ones, are the best at this. They find absolutely no hurry in a leisurely walk when there are sticks and roly-polies and grass blades and sidewalk cracks to explore. They ask you a million questions about each one.

Lets learn from them. As we go about our day, let’s resist the temptation to constantly hurry on to the next task on our to-do list, because we just might miss something gloriously worth knowing. As you work throughout your day, stop and find out when you wonder why baking soda has a million uses. How cameras work. Why everybody looks good in eggplant purple.

Be a student of life. Take time to always be reading, to go on daily walks, to pull over to that historical marker or scenic overlook, and to journal your thoughts, because it’s in these simple exercises where we find our inner schoolchild, insatiably curious and eager to learn. That is, if we slow down enough to let her learn.

Find the courage this week to let your curiosity lead you down a path of wonder, surprise, and knowledge for the sheer joy of learning. May we never stop.


A Simple Homeschool Planner.

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