As you start this week, may you find a nugget of courage to do the hard thing your heart is aching to do. May you find enough freedom to do something brave and risky, something that taps that gift you were given but haven’t yet fully and outwardly exercised.

We are all artists in some way, whether our media is watercolor, keyboard, food, camera, numbers, or diaper. What is the main thing keeping you from doing your art—is it time, money, courage, or encouragement? Do you have a voice this week telling you that your work isn’t important?

May you combat lies with truth this week, and may you dare to be you, in the small ways and big. May you look in the mirror and in the words of your journal and love who you truly are.

And may you find enough courage to acknowledge your artistry, and to recognize the little ways your life teems with canvases.