Hailing from the other side of the globe in Australia means it’s actually turning cool in my neck of the woods (cool being a relative term that will sometimes require me to wear a hoodie on autumn days), but I know many of you are just starting to emerge from a long, cold winter.

And while I would take a snowy winter’s day any time – particularly if it’s to be spent on a snowboard – I can understand the yearning for a warm weather getaway too.

Packing light for a warm weather getaway

Given Tsh’s gorgeous book is just about ready to bloom in to the world and will, no doubt, see many of us come face to face with our wanderlust once again, I wanted to share my very lightweight packing list for warm weather traveling in the hopes that it might help make your travels a little simpler too.

Of course, this list changes depending on where we’re going (a weekend camping list looks very different to a couple of weeks spent Airbnb-ing near the beach, for example) but there are a few basic rules I like to stick to:

  • Pack as many multi-use items as possible
  • Limited choices are my friend
  • I try to ensure that every item of clothing I pack will work with every other item
  • Most items can be worn more than once before washing, and a lot of the items below can be washed in the sink and dried overnight
  • Minimal make-up! (I invariably become too relaxed to use any more than the absolute necessities anyway).
Packing light for a warm weather getaway

With all this in mind, here are the basics I like to bring whenever we hit the road in summer:

(Note: We’ve linked to examples from ethical brands we feel good about.)

Packing light for a warm weather getaway

As I said, there will be different versions of this list depending on where we go, what our plans are and what the weather’s doing, but I do know that keeping my bag light makes things so much easier. (Related: Here’s Tsh’s master packing list.)

Less choice, less stress, less packing and lugging and washing and folding. More relaxing, more time, more reading and listening to music and sitting around campfires and doodling and playing cards and simply being.

As Antoine de Saint-Exupéry writes, “He who would travel happily must travel light.” (Or at least light-ish.)